5 Replies to “5 Steps You Can Take To Become a Successful Small Account Trader”

    1. Ha! That’s because I did – for you, me and everyone else like us who wants to start trading their way to freedom with a small account. If the post helps just one other person find their way, I’m happy.

      As to step 5, well I think that’s its charm…no matter how slow you go, you can always go slower – until you need to go fast again!

      Keep up the good work on your own blog too.

  1. Love this – its now getting printed out and pinned above my PC!

    “Don’t ever forget this, because beneath the trades and the money and the success there is a life for you to live that you will only ever get the opportunity to live once and if you don’t slow down to experience it, you will get to the end of it as a successful trader and find yourself asking whatever happened to your life. “

    1. Awesome, Jason, I hope you pinned it up and remind yourself every day! It’s easy to forget the important things in life when we’re all so concerned with ‘making a living’ for ourselves rather than just ‘living’.

      I’m as guilty as anyone but I do make an effort every day to do something for the sake of doing it just because I want to.

      You know, it’s ok to just stop for a while. We shouldn’t live our lives ‘on the clock’.

      Good luck with your trading, thanks for reading.

  2. Good article, and some good points to keep hammering home to make sure your trading is consistent day in day out.

    I often find, when I’m busy with work and other stuff, I really haven’t got
    the time to keep analysing over my trades every day, this proves to be a good thing though, as my impatience can be my biggest weakness as I fiddle around with all the stops.

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