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When you first start out trading, you are bombarded with information from all sides and personally, whilst I found this interesting in the beginning, eventually it wore me down to the point where I wasn’t quite sure what was useful anymore.

As you know, nowadays I prefer to be keep to my own path and stay away from unneccessary trading platforms, books and courses but every now and then, I do come across something that I think will be genuinely beneficial to you and your trading and that’s why I’ve included this section.

Note: I do get referral commission from some of the items listed here if you choose to buy after reading my review. I have, however, been completely honest in my account of each review and have never scored anything over the top for the sake of commission. I don’t need to, I am making enough from my trading and the few ££s I’ll get in commission don’t make it worth lying about!

City Index Review

How do you know if a spread betting company is any good? There are so many websites out there trying to refer you to certain companies based on the commission they receive that trying to find an honest review is a lot more difficult than it should be. Well, here’s an end to all that. I am a full-time spread bettor and this is my honest review of City Index. …Read More