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Before you reap the rewards of my predictions, let me get one thing completely straight.

I absolutely, completely, totally, unequivocally believe that it is impossible to predict market movements before they happen. However, I am game for a laugh every now and then and so, without further ado, I present to you, with the aid of trading intuition and every-day public sentiment, the power of my mind to predict market movements.

Whenever a vision of the future hits me, I’ll post it here.

Note: If you follow these ‘predictions’, there’s a fair to strong chance you’ll lose money, but you might get a laugh along the way.

Two Sparrows In Garden Play Chess Over Potential HSBC Short

Two sparrows, wearing HSBC bandanas were drinking water from my bird table this evening as they hunkered over a competitive game of Spuggy Chess. Fundamentally, I think something’s afoot because they dont normally wear bandanas and can’t usually play chess. These events, combined with the unbearable levels of industrialisation and smog in Singapore, along with the rising volume of counterfeit £20 notes to further fuel British consumption habits unfolding in …Read More