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As part of my trading development, I am working hard to improve my ability to listen to my natural intuition to help me make snapshot, instinctive decisions without the need to expend too much thought or analysis in any given trading situation.

Intuition is often considered the domain of psychics or those ‘experts’ who have been practicing their art for decades. I believe that with a clear mind and conscious effort to develop this aspect of the human psyche that these leaps of judgement can be obtained in a much shorter timeframe.

These posts are my exploration of the subject and will reflect my own understanding and development as time goes by.

Tap Into Your Trading Intuition – Even If You’re a Novice

Do you believe that intuition only comes with many years of experience? It’s a commonly held belief for sure, but the truth is, intuitive decisions are made every day in the real world, sometimes using only minutes or even hours worth of ‘past experiences’ and memories to draw upon. But could this same power be accessed by a trader (me) who has only been trading for 18 months to make …Read More