I’d Like You To Be Part of My 2013 Trading Experiment

Do you have a plan for tomorrow? I don’t mean a trade or anything complex like that; I mean a simple plan. For example, it could be to wake up at 6am, have a shower, get dressed, have some breakfast, travel to work for 8.30 and steal 30 mins of flexi time – that kind of plan. If you can think of a plan, I’d like you to be part of my 2013 trading experiment. All you need to do to take part is answer one simple question: did the plan work out how it was supposed to?

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Can Trading with Emotion and Instinct Give You An Edge?

Recently I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the idea that intuition, emotion and instinct could be the most reliable tool we have to profit from trading. I’ve read so much over the last 6 months and in almost every case, the one thing I’m constantly told not to do is to let my emotions play any part in my trading. I believe that is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

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Starting Again With a £500 Opening Account Balance

So it’s been an eventful couple of weeks. I deposited £500 at the end of July into my spreadbetting account with Ig Index and in the space of two weeks, managed to trade and make a profit of £470, only to trade some more and lose all the profits to take me back to my original starting amount (+/- a few quid). I think I’ve learned a little bit, and will now try trading again, this time with a more disciplined approach.

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My First Spread Bet

Today is February 29th 2012 and I’ve opened a spread betting account with IG Index.

I’ve deposited just £50.00 and am only trading 10p per point. I want to get a taste of how this all works before I commit any more of my money here.

I’m pretty excited by how easy it’s been to set up the account and get started.

I’ll stick the disclaimer in here that although this is my first trade, I’ve always been interested in the markets and have had a fantasy trading account at Bull Bearings since 2007.

Of course, my portfolio is down £70,000 since I started 😉

In my fantasy trade account I’d been holding shares in William Hill and Banco Santander – both currently down but I have faith that they will rise in the coming months.

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