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Taking Profits to Give Margin Room

I’ve held CHW for a couple of weeks now and it’s had a high of £150 paper profit for me. Today the price dropped a few points and reduced my paper profit to £90. I decided to ‘double down’ at this point after reading p.165 chapter VII of ‘Reminiscences of a Stock Operator‘ last night. In the chapter, Jesse Livermore suggests somwthing he describes as ‘pyramiding’. The gist seemed to …Read More

Going for Gold Again Today

If you’ve been following my twitter account, you’ll notice I’m diarising all of my trades on there as I make them. You’ll also notice that yesterday I was taken over by Olympic Fever (big ups to Nicola Adams!) because I wanted to get in on some gold action too – and it proved very profitable, my most proftable day yet, actually.

Too Scared to Play Today

Been a quiet day today after the big losses of yesterday. I basically bottled out of any trades for the best part of the day because yesterday’s £100+ loss in one trade really shook me up. When curiosity got the better of me and I logged into my account I was pleasantly surprised to find my only open position in Chime Communications (CHW) was up by 5 points at £10 …Read More

Market Mind Games

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: Brent Crude 11036 After my success yesterday, I wanted to see if I could apply the tools/systems I used to other markets. I want a fast moving market that offers the potential of quick gains. I decided to try brent crude. I can see a trend that clearly looks like its rising so I feel I’ll just go in here and hope to ride the …Read More

6th August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: SPOT GOLD (DFB) 1606.31 I said I’d have another look at this today in Friday’s diary because I still think the trading signals and general market sentiment here looks like it’ll push gold up. When I say ‘trading signals’, I really mean my simple tramlines – and they still suggest this is going back up to 1615.  I’m combining that guess with the daily news …Read More

3rd August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: SPOT GOLD (DFB) Gold been trading within a tight range this last week and even though I know I shouldn’t trade on impulse, I’m going to give this one a punt at 1595 and hope to catch an upward trend to around 1615. £3 @ 1595.74 STOP LOSS: 1590 Spread Bet Shorts: None Closed Positions SPOT GOLD (DFB) This was my punt that I made …Read More

2nd August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: BARC (Barclays) Going long because libor scandal under the carpet now and latest results look good to my uneducated eye (making billions in profit and paying a dividend so can’t be bad?). Plan to hold this until some bad news hits (or Stop Loss is reached). £5 @ 170.02 STOP LOSS: 160 . EMG (Man Group) Going long because ex-dividend date is 14th August and …Read More

1st Aug 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: None Spread Bet Shorts: None Closed Positions Spot Gold 31st July £5 – Bought @ 1614.53 : Sold @ 1601 = +£67.65 HOME Retail Group £1 – Bought @ 71.78 : Sold @ 77.85 = +£6.07 Profit for Day +£73.72  

31st July 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: CHW (Chime Communications) £10 – Bought @ 182 Spread Bet Shorts: Spot Gold £5 – Bought @ 1614.53 Closed Positions BARC (Barclays) £2 – Bought @ 162.86, sold @ 167.63 : +£9.53 Profit for Day £9.53