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In Up To My Knees

Have you ever felt like you were doing well with your trades? Well enough to potentially max yourself out? Did it work out for you? My guess is that it probably didn’t. Despite being aware of this in the back of my head, I’ve gone and fallen into the same trap that many of you will have already experienced in the past.

When to Close Trades for Profit

Have you ever found yourself second guessing when you should close your positions? I had this very same dilemma today with a position I opened yesterday and although I fretted like a girl about it in the beginning, I’ve found a good strategy to help me choose when to close.

My First Trade with My New System: W.H Smith

I’m sure you’ve had days like these. I’ve lost almost £500 in the last two days and I’m back to my original account deposit of £500. I’ve refined my trading rules and this afternoon I made my first trade in accordance with them. Did I make a good trade by opening a position on W.H Smith?

Starting Again With a £500 Opening Account Balance

So it’s been an eventful couple of weeks. I deposited £500 at the end of July into my spreadbetting account with Ig Index and in the space of two weeks, managed to trade and make a profit of £470, only to trade some more and lose all the profits to take me back to my original starting amount (+/- a few quid). I think I’ve learned a little bit, and …Read More