My Love Affair With High Risk Trading

I started trading in March 2012 and within five months had managed to lose £2500 (£500 a month).

If this wasn’t a big enough kick in the teeth on its own, it was far worse when my wife got hold of our bank statements. Not only did I feel like a dick for wasting money trading instead of putting it away for our newborn son, I also felt like a total failure.

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I’d Like You To Be Part of My 2013 Trading Experiment

Do you have a plan for tomorrow? I don’t mean a trade or anything complex like that; I mean a simple plan. For example, it could be to wake up at 6am, have a shower, get dressed, have some breakfast, travel to work for 8.30 and steal 30 mins of flexi time – that kind of plan. If you can think of a plan, I’d like you to be part of my 2013 trading experiment. All you need to do to take part is answer one simple question: did the plan work out how it was supposed to?

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