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August 2012

Going for Gold Again Today

If you’ve been following my twitter account, you’ll notice I’m diarising all of my trades on there as I make them. You’ll also notice that yesterday I was taken over by Olympic Fever (big ups to Nicola Adams!) because I wanted to get in on some gold action too – and it proved very profitable, my most proftable day yet, actually.

Too Scared to Play Today

Been a quiet day today after the big losses of yesterday. I basically bottled out of any trades for the best part of the day because yesterday’s £100+ loss in one trade really shook me up. When curiosity got the better of me and I logged into my account I was pleasantly surprised to find my only open position in Chime Communications (CHW) was up by 5 points at £10 …Read More

Market Mind Games

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: Brent Crude 11036 After my success yesterday, I wanted to see if I could apply the tools/systems I used to other markets. I want a fast moving market that offers the potential of quick gains. I decided to try brent crude. I can see a trend that clearly looks like its rising so I feel I’ll just go in here and hope to ride the …Read More

6th August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: SPOT GOLD (DFB) 1606.31 I said I’d have another look at this today in Friday’s diary because I still think the trading signals and general market sentiment here looks like it’ll push gold up. When I say ‘trading signals’, I really mean my simple tramlines – and they still suggest this is going back up to 1615.  I’m combining that guess with the daily news …Read More

3rd August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: SPOT GOLD (DFB) Gold been trading within a tight range this last week and even though I know I shouldn’t trade on impulse, I’m going to give this one a punt at 1595 and hope to catch an upward trend to around 1615. £3 @ 1595.74 STOP LOSS: 1590 Spread Bet Shorts: None Closed Positions SPOT GOLD (DFB) This was my punt that I made …Read More

2nd August 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: BARC (Barclays) Going long because libor scandal under the carpet now and latest results look good to my uneducated eye (making billions in profit and paying a dividend so can’t be bad?). Plan to hold this until some bad news hits (or Stop Loss is reached). £5 @ 170.02 STOP LOSS: 160 . EMG (Man Group) Going long because ex-dividend date is 14th August and …Read More

1st Aug 2012

Opened Positions Spread Bet Longs: None Spread Bet Shorts: None Closed Positions Spot Gold 31st July £5 – Bought @ 1614.53 : Sold @ 1601 = +£67.65 HOME Retail Group £1 – Bought @ 71.78 : Sold @ 77.85 = +£6.07 Profit for Day +£73.72