Everything That’s Wrong (and Everything That’s Right) with Your Life

Thanks everyone for the emails and private tweets asking how I’m doing and where I am. I really appreciate your emails and I’ll get back to you all as soon as I can. I’m still here, still trading and I’ll have a few really chunky posts coming soon. Today though, I want to share with you a little story that made me smile. It is the perfect snapshot of everything that’s wrong – and everything that’s right – with your life.

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Two Sparrows In Garden Play Chess Over Potential HSBC Short

Two sparrows, wearing HSBC bandanas were drinking water from my bird table this evening as they hunkered over a competitive game of Spuggy Chess. Fundamentally, I think something’s afoot because they dont normally wear bandanas and can’t usually play chess. These events, combined with the unbearable levels of industrialisation and smog in Singapore, along with the rising volume of counterfeit £20 notes to further fuel British consumption habits unfolding in the North East of England, lead me to believe that this likely means it’s almost time to short HSBC.

If any analyst can shed light on this, I’d be grateful.

I’d be looking to open a short around 685 in HSBC with 10pt stop and a 80pt target.

Tap Into Your Trading Intuition – Even If You’re a Novice

Do you believe that intuition only comes with many years of experience? It’s a commonly held belief for sure, but the truth is, intuitive decisions are made every day in the real world, sometimes using only minutes or even hours worth of ‘past experiences’ and memories to draw upon. But could this same power be accessed by a trader (me) who has only been trading for 18 months to make snapshot decisions about whether to open a trade or not?

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Trading Depression; Does It Affect You?

The reflection of the moon in the lake

Do you admit your trading losses? Do they depress you?

Believe it or not, losing is not only essential for your health and wellbeing, but it is actually vital to your longterm success as a trader. You see, ‘losing’ trades are no more inseperable from ‘winning’ trades as the moon is from its reflection in the lake. Neither can exist without the other…

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My Love Affair With High Risk Trading

I started trading in March 2012 and within five months had managed to lose £2500 (£500 a month).

If this wasn’t a big enough kick in the teeth on its own, it was far worse when my wife got hold of our bank statements. Not only did I feel like a dick for wasting money trading instead of putting it away for our newborn son, I also felt like a total failure.

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